A particularly large entry required four judges: Jean Baveystock, Derick Buckland, Marilyn Squires and Judy Venables, and the day was generously sponsored by Skinners dogfoods.

Special Puppy
1 Moira Robertson with lab.d. Downfarm Arum

2 Chris Aston with lab.b. Waterford Gem

3 Penny Allanson-Bailey with lab.b. Hesperides Sweetheart

4 Alan Buckland with lab.d. Winkfieldrow Ash

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1 Steve Fitches with lab.d. Apricot Ash at Shottesbrook

2 Richard Mash with gr b. Echobrook Fern of Hanechdene

3rd Brian Barr with lab.b. Camion Cassata

4th Alison Cook with lab.b. Jumpy Jessie

CoM Jessica Webster with lab.d. Countryways Shooting Star

CoM Liz Smith with lab.d. Norlands Prince