Judged by Caroline Heasman and Angie Musk, the event saw fine weather for the 24 dogs taking part, with a strong wind blowing and rain occasionally threatening.

The ground allowed many and varied tests to be set.

Before lunch there were four tests with marks, unseen and water retrieves, heel work and a hunt-up in the trees, and after lunch all dogs went forward to a walk-up in sugar beet.

Special Puppy
1 Annette Wilks with lab.d. Brockaghs Blamhac

2 Vince Mitchell with lab.d. Levenghyl Forester at Kirkmoor

3 Bill Wray with lab.b. Grovlleywood Ruby Red Cage

4 Jo Van Der Dussen with lab.b. Roseshire Sage

1 Bill Wray with lab.b Barkmadbury Sandee

2 Jim Collins with lab.d. Brockaghs Aodhan

3 Tina Dent with lab.b. Kenmilfore Atlanta

4 Sue Palmer with lab.b. Brockaghs Aoife

1 Bill Wray with lab.b. Minverouis Melody

2 Jacqui Crew with fcr.d. Gayplume Point Blank

3 Keith Foster with lab.d. Flightline Jazz

4 Anne Bellairs with lab.b. Treckers Maddie