Held at Carlton Towers Estate near Selby, North Yorkshire the event was kindly sponsored by Alpha Feeds and judged by Glynn Coupar, Graham Jones and Elaine Whittaker.

The morning tests used an area of one of the drives on the shoot. The first test consisted of a hunt in a wood for one of a pair of birds previously shot, which was done almost independently by the dogs.

The second was a mark into a lake, partially obscured by an overhanging tree.

The final test of the morning was a mark saluted by a gunshot into an area of long grass and weed, the low light levels due to the bad weather giving a false impression of distance.

The day had started very wet but cleared by lunchtime. The afternoon tests consisted of a walk-up with four dogs in line, each dog getting a marked bird in front and a blind at greater distance behind, and a marked retrieve under a tree with a shot saluting a blind in another area as the dog returned.

The standard of dog work throughout the day was very good with the intermediate winner only dropping four marks. The top two veterans could only be split after a run-off. For further information contact Alpha Feeds on 01427 880914 or visit www.alphafeeds.com

1 Cliff Higham with lab.d. Ropehall Dipper

2 Trevor Richards with lab.d. Hob Hey Hercules

3 Anne Crookes with gr.b. Millrythe Adelaide of Moscargrange

CoM Doreen Thompson with gr.b. Holway Ellie at Melgold

CoM Carol Goodes with lab.d. Scotchill Slipper

Novice and Intermediate
1 Steve Crookes with gr.d. Moscargrange Blade

2 David Sidwell with lab.d. Dog Towserland William

3 Brian Holmes with lab.b. Brackenbank Fennel

CoM Carol Greaves with lab.d. Craighorn Tully of Dragonswell