The day was well supported by a high quality field of competitors from the North-West and Border region, to be judged by Annette Usher, Elaine Kelleher, Robert Fair and Steve Hore.

Unusually for this summer, it was a pleasant, overcast day with not much breeze.

A run off for second place was required for the puppy test whilst the novice saw a run off for fourth place.

The award for the puppy under 12 months with the highest score went to Tess Lawrence with Stockiemuir Boab. In the open Polly Dunckley’s dog ran a superb test with great confidence and was the clear winner.

1. Tess Lawrence with lab.d. Willowyck Tawny Owl

2. Polly Dunckley with lab.d. Brockweir Blitz

3. Kevin Butler with lab.d. Leadburn Adder

4. Paul Ghorst with lab.b. Gablegorst Smash

1. Polly Dunckley with lab.d. Jagden’s Apollo

2. Paul Ghorst with lab.b. Gablegorst Banshee

3. Peter Ward with lab.d. Greenbriar Moth

4. Neil Parkinson with lab.b. Greenbriar Fedora of Rockybrook

1. Polly Dunckley with lab.d. Bineybob of Smithsteads

2. Andy Jardine with lab.b. Summer Satin

3. Tess Lawrence wth lab.d. Willowyck Ennerdale

4. Jo McNabb with lab.d. Gablegorst Sniper