Nettleton Woods provided plenty of scope for chief steward Ted Fitzjohn to set up interesting and testing retrieves.

Luckily, the weather was good as there were 40 dogs to put through their paces.  

Judges Sue Lowe, Richard King, Mick Roberts and Malcolm Thwaites put 15 dogs through to the afternoon.

A long blind with a distraction and a long mark proved good at separating the competitors and the judges soon had their result.

1 Peter Robinson with Riaghyll Black Velvet

2 John Dawson with Glebespray Bramble

3 Alan Richardson with Gorton’s Eye of the Storm

CoM Gill Stewart with Drakeshead Bramble

CoM Dave Thompson with Leadburn Kerry of Ducksfoot

1 Ian Glover with Hamish of Dear Meadow

2 Penny Easy with Ormstells Anzio

3 Alan Harrison with Keepergate Black Pudding

4 Jim Cochrane with Brunbois Conquest Again

CoM Pat Baker with Mystic Bramble Boy of Gripton

CoM John Dawson with Sydaway Tarka

CoM Peter Robinson with Esmoro Lapwing