The judges were Mike Larkin, Claire Raymond, Roger Wiggins and Kevin Verinder.

The puppy winners.
Wye Valley Retriever Club puppy winners
1 Ann Colley with Nobsquinton Primrose
2 A. Downes with Nobsquinton Pepper
3 C. Bowers with Bells Bloom
4 A. Judge with Shutterfield Honour
CoM A. Portlock with Gillays Magic
CoM S. Milner with Pharaoahrose Avon

1 T. Stanley with Tuscaloosa Indian Runner
2 Ann Colley with Nobsquinton Anubis of Castlepoint
3 I. Glover with Hamish of Deermeadow
4 R. Kirk with Geldart Alice
CoM Joy Elson with Quadram Chaffinch
CoM J. McHugh with Bittenham Polly

1 D. Pitcher with Kilpen Dominp
2 Veronica Harris with Sollershope Amethyst
3 Anna Jones with Adfa Lucy
4 Ken Harris with Sollershope Jet
CoM Tom Powell with Skuas Sam
CoM Mary Ward with Parsifal Picture