The judges were Ann Colley, Terry Dukes, Ellie Chattaway and Lisa Harris.

1 Claire Raymond with Levengyl Torino

2 Lorraine Goodwin with Movenne Hermes

3 Sandy Coode with Poolmore Rho

4 Angie Cooper with Dickeadeze Dotty by Design

CoM Bernard Pound with Clifteme Dawn Chorus

CoM Mary Jarrod with Lilleburn Ripple Reed

The puppy winners & judges, from left: Terry Dukes, Ann Colley, Angie Cooper, Mary Jarrod, WT secretary Roger Wiggins, Lorraine Goodwin, Claire Raymond, Sandy Goode, Bernard Pound, Lisa Harris & Ellie Chattaway. Photo credit: Bernard Pound.

Novice dog/Novice Handler
1 John Egan with Penrose Its Comet

2 Rachel Birch with Bumblyn Burdoch

3 David Coode with Warringah’s Gudarro Jue

4 Kate Pound with Clifteme Dexter

CoM Jackie Masters with Gunshadows Its my Party

Junior Handlers
1 Mia Treadwell with Ravensthorpe Izzy

2 Mia Treadwell with Nobsquinton Amy of Kestrelway

3 Rosie Chattaway with Consgrove Harry

4 Shauna Keily with Nobsquinton Wexford

CoM Natasha Currell with Swinbrook Harvey

The junior handler winners & judges, from left: Terry Dukes, WT secretary Roger Wiggins, Ann Colley, Mia Treadwell, Rosie Chattaway, Natasha Currell, Shauna Kiely, Lisa Harris & Ellie Chattaway. Photo credit: Bernard Pound.

1 Norman Onens with Nobsquinton India

2 Mary Jarrod with Lilleburn Torrs Gold

3 Anna Jones with Bengalbrook Starbuck of Chemsell

4 Peter Boxall with Brindlebay Flo

CoM Angie Cooper with Dickeadaze Final Countdown