The weather was glorious with not a cloud in the sky.

The judges were Alex Badger, Dennis Heath, Norman Onens and Terry Dukes.

1 Jan Winton Fitt with lab.d. Soval Woodford the Wise

2 Angela Judge with lab.b. Shuttifield Honour

3 David Gallimore with lab.b. Gallifield Wild Ivy

4 Peter Boxhall with lab.b. Brindlebay Flo

CoM Julia Redpath with lab.b. Shuttifield Gracon

CoM Shauna Kiely with lab.d. Nobsquinton Magic

1 Ian Glover with lab.d. Hamish of Deer Meadow

2 Nigel Probert with lab.b. Penderyn Welsh

3 Lisa Harris with gr b. Chilean Spice with Hawksthorn

4 Roger Colver with lab.b. Cockhams Cherry

CoM Pat Dixon with lab.d. Kenpass Harry

CoM Julia Redpath with lab.b. May Ebony

CoM Neil Dutton with lab.d. Perfect Raven of Garragill