Of all the elements that make up a driven game shoot, perhaps the one that is least understood, is the role of the picker-up

Other equipment a picker up needs?

  • A priest for despatching wounded birds
  • A mobile phone for keeping in touch with other pickers-up
  • A means of carrying collected game

Where to stand on a drive

This varies from drive to drive, shoot to shoot and keeper to keeper. However, it’s a good idea to stand as far back as possible, with a view of the gun line which is your responsibility, if possible.

While the drive is in progress watch the birds as they go over the gun line if you can, and look to see where downed birds fall. Look especially for wounded birds and those that don’t look ‘right’ in the air. Partridges can fly on some distance before suddenly falling dead, sometimes as much as half a mile from the gun line. Pheasants too have been known to fly on some way before falling dead. If these are not seen they are lost. In many cases the further back on the gun line you are the more you will see.

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