I tell him ?no? and he looks guilty but then he just does it again!

Jackie Drakeford
None of us can carry out gundog training when we aren?t there, so we need to create a barrier that prevents access at all times if there is a place we don?t want a dog to go.

Dogs may look guilty when we tell them off, but it doesn?t mean they understand the concept of being forbidden access to places that are interesting or fun ? all they know is that we are ?barking? at them.

Though individual dogs may stay out even when we are not present, it is not something we should expect, and even a child told ?you must not go in there? would probably go straight there as soon as your back was turned.

Take the pressure off both of you by preventing access with a physical barrier, and give some thought to providing the dog with pleasant occupation in a place he is allowed to be, to make that a more desirable option.