Can you give gun dogs too much encouragement?

I have recently been on a training day with a professional trainer organised by my local gundog club. These days really do show up your shortcomings as an amateur trying to train his first dog. I was pulled up for giving too much encouragement.

How can I stop my spaniel gun dog from dominating?

How can I stop my spaniel gun dog from dominating?

At the beginning my gun dog was quiet and submissive and easy to control. We have had her now just over five months, and during the last two months she has become a very different dog, extremely quick at hunting and very keen to chase, will not return with retrieves…

How do I stop my gun dog being aggressive?

I have a young labrador gun dog I have had since a pup. He is now 10 months old and has become rather aggressive towards other dogs. Is this something I can deal with or is this how he will always be?

Does my gun dog puppy have attachment issues?

I have a labrador pup and an older gun dog. I feel I did too much too soon with my older lab, although he is now an excellent picking-up dog. I have purposely not done too much with the pup, but now he always seems to be looking for his…