I over-worked my 16-month-old spaniel last season and I am in desperate need of some gun dog training to steady her.

She started very slow on the beating days but as the season progressed something clicked and she chased game all the time.

What can I do to reverse this problem?

Most professional trainers are taking bookings now for spring training and I would advise that you get a place booked on one of these courses as soon as you can.

The advantage of these group training days is that you meet lots of people that have experienced similar problems.

And then you get to see how to over come these problems ‘hands on’ and this is far better than any book or DVD.

These group sessions are usually limited to six handlers and six dogs and will usually last two to three hours at any one session.

You will all get a chance to work your dog in a training pen with live game and rabbits, and spectate while others are training.

This can be beneficial as watching someone else’s problems being sorted out can also show you where you went wrong. For more gun dog training advice click here