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What is the best kind of gundog transport?

I have a large picking-up team of springers and cockers.

My current gundog transport is an old-shaped Land Rover 90 with one rear door. I will be changing this vehicle next year to a twin cab – I’m not sure what make I’ll go for yet but I need a better and more secure method of gundog transport for my canine companions. Any tips?

Mark Whitehouse says:
When it comes to gundog transport, moving several gundogs about loosely is dangerous for both parties. If an accident were to happen, you and your gundogs would have little or no protection.

There are lots of different gundog transport companies producing lightweight transit boxes that have been crash-tested to a high standard and at the same time provide comfort and security for your gundogs.

These boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can also be tailor-made to your own personal specification. They are generally made from lightweight plastic and are easy to maintain. After a hard day’s picking-up, you can simply remove the box from your vehicle, power-wash it down, leave it to dry and it’s as good as new for the next day.

Transit boxes provide an extra level of security when opening the back of your vehicle because the gundogs won’t be able to jump straight out. They’re especially useful if you have a large picking-up team because it’s hard to keep an eye on all your gundogs at the same time. With a self-contained transit box, you can be selective and get one gundog out at a time, remaining in control all the time.

The best solution for your gundog transport is going to be a transit box.

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