If you own a gun, you're going to need a robust and lockable gun cabinet. We've been looking around and here are 6 which have caught our eye.

Remember all gun cabinets and gun safes must conform to the British standard, have secure gun locks and be fixed to a secure structure. Contact your local police firearms department if you have a query on where to fit your gun cabinet or safe. The police prefer a gun cabinet to be concealed and put somewhere discreet.

wooden gun cabinet

Handmade wooden gun cabinet by Crazy Hare Design

1.Handmade wooden gun cabinet

Gamekeeping student-turned furniture designer Zak Case can construct a gun cabinet for customers with a bespoke design to specific measurements. Made from locally sourced Scottish hardwoods, it will meet all security and British Standard requirements. Price to order from Crazy Hare Design.


The Ultimate Safe® 3 Shotgun Gun Safe Cabinet

A small and secure cabinet for up to 3 guns

2.Three gun/rifle cabinet

If you have just one or two guns and you’re looking for something small and secure, then the Ultimate Safe® 3 Shotgun Gun Safe Cabinet would fit the brief (and a narrow space too). Buy now from Amazon for £74.99 (was £149)

  • Fitted with two unique Triple Blade Lock® 
  • Height – 130cm, width – 24.5cm, depth 20.5cm (8″). Weight: 29Kg
  • Suitable for up to 3 shot guns or 3 rifles. Made of 2.5mm steel
  • 2 keys for each lock supplied, anti crowbar, bar or chisel door system
  • 4 pre drilled holes in the back and base for securing into wall or floor, fixing bolts included
  • Built to British Standard BS7558/92 


Large capacity gun cabinet

Lokaway LOKDD Double Gun Safe

3.Need a large cabinet?

If you’ve a big collection of shotguns and/or rifles, or looking to grow your collection, then you’ll want a gun cabinet with a greater capacity. The Lokaway LOKDD Double Gun Safe holds between 12-19 guns and is certainly substantial. It has a separate lockable ammunition storage area too. Available from Philip Morris & Son £695.

  • Double door – store up to 19 guns collectively
  • Right side capacity – 10-12 guns
  • Left side capacity – 5-7 guns
  • Interchangeable key lock
  • Carpet lined
  • 4 mounting bolts for installation
  • Built to British Standard

4. Disguised as furniture

If you’d like your gun cabinet to blend into your surroundings, consider this clever gun cabinet which would do double duty in a cloakroom for coat storage. From the Bespoke Gun Cabinet Company, from £4,495.

  • Built to British Standard, BS7558/92
  • Height – 194cm, Width – 108cm, Depth 62cm. 
  • Incorporates metal 15 gun cabinet into a seat
  • Ammunition safe as optional extra to replace baskets
  • Available in cherry, walnut, oak, mahogany and other woods on request

5. Glass fronted

If you’d like to stand back and admire your collection of walnut stocks and engravings from time to time, then the Lancaster gun cabinet shown here might suit you. It also comes with an optional blind to hide guns from view when necessary. Available from the Bespoke Gun Cabinet Company, from £8.995

  • 16 gun capacity
  • Police-approved 28mm triple laminated bandit proof glass
  • Interior of safe lined with Cherry
  • Lockable ammunition drawers
  • Built to British Standard, BS7558/92
  • Height – 214cm, Width – 114cm, Depth 57cm
  • Pull out leather lined gun cleaning shelf
  • Internal lighting

6. Upgrading gun safe security with fireproof safes

Q: I wanted to upgrade my gun safe security and buy a fireproof safe of some sort. Do you have any recommendations?

Bruce Potts replies:

Many people go for the minimum-security requirements in terms of gun safes, but if you total the cost of your rifles, scopes and sound moderators compared with the initial cost of the safe, it makes sense to spend as much on a safe as possible. I would recommend Shooting Safes, which imports Stack-On safes, and stock a large selection of gun safes and storage safes for rifles and shotguns of all sizes including fireproof status.

The SS16E model (RRP £650) weights 83kg, is 140cm high, 53cm wide and 51cm deep and can accommodate up to 16 guns or shotguns up to 54in tall, but of course you can also use it for laptops, jewellery and other valuables.

The fireproof model FS-14-MB-E (RRP £850) is slightly smaller and holds 14 guns but weight 139kg due to the heavy internal fire retardant material. It is fire-resistant at a temperature of 1,400ºF for 30 minutes. Smaller versions are available but a safe that size accommodates and keeps all your valuables safe is well worth it.