Would a moderator normally sold for a 12ft/lb air rifle be sufficient (the one on my 12ft/lb Weihrauch does an excellent job), or should I fit one that is suited to rimfire or even centrefire rifles?

Is there a specific make that would you recommend?

John Knibbs
It is possible to fit a sound moderator to your 30ft/lb BSA R10 FAC air rifle.

This rifle has a shrouded barrel, and if you remove the end cap from the muzzle, you will find that the end of the barrel is threaded to accommodate a moderator.

BSA produces a moderator specifically for your model of air rifle, but I would suggest that you have the rifle/moderator combination checked for concentricity before you use it ? any supplier of moderators will be happy to do this for you.

As this air rifle produces a muzzle energy of around 30ft/lb, it will be your responsibility to get a variation on your FAC to cover the purchase and ownership of any sound moderator for use on your high-powered air rifle.

This is not a necessary requirement if a moderator is fitted to a sub-legal limit air rifle.