Even if you're an experienced airgunner, you're going to have a few queries from time to time. Here are some of the ones we've most frequently asked by readers.


air rifle pellets

1. Which pellet is best for my air rifle? 

It all depends on whether your air rifle is spring powered, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or powered by carbon dioxide. Discover what our expert advised.

The wild rabbit

2. Which are the best air rifles for shooting rabbits?

Wondering what the ideal air rifle calibre is for this particular target? Find out more here.

scopes for air rifle

3. How much are scopes for air rifles if I have one fitted?

Any good-quality telescopic sight can be fitted to your rifle, and it is worth spending your money not only on the scope but also, and most importantly, on good mounts. Find out what you can expect to pay. 

man with air rifle

4. What’s the law on locking up air rifles? 

What would constitute you being negligent?

muntjac deer

5. Can I use a high-powered air rifle to shoot muntjac? 

What’s the law in England and Wales? Like all deer species, muntjac need to be controlled. But are air rifles legal for doing so?

pre-charged air rifle

6. Which air rifles would you recommend for under £500?

Here are five of the most popular, reviewed by our experts.

7. Do I need a licence for an air rifle? 

Airguns are relatively inexpensive and not subject to the same licensing controls as shotguns and rifles. Air rifles with muzzle energy levels of 12 ft lb or less and air pistols with muzzle energy levels of 6 ft lb or less do not have to be licensed. However the law on air rifles is complicated and you will find more details here.

Rabbit shooting with an air rifle

8. How can I shoot my airgun more accurately? 

It might not be your airgun. It might be your technique. Find out what’s to blame.