I sent away for seals and a new pump head and valves, but when I came to fit them, I was unable to dismantle the rifle as apparently special tools are required. How can I get the rifle to work again?

Air rifles

If you are not prepared to let a professional repairer service your Sheridan air rifle, you will have either to purchase or borrow the three tools necessary to strip the gun.

The rifle is easy to take apart until you get to the inlet and exhaust valve assemblies.

You will require a square-ended tool to disassemble the valve guide nut, and a valve guide inserter to remove the exhaust valve guide.

When you have replaced the inlet and exhaust valve and the two lead sealing gaskets on the valve guide, you will need these tools to re-assemble all these parts correctly.

When re-assembling you must ensure that the lead seals are fully crushed to provide an airtight seal and the pump head is suitably lubricated to enable the rifle to be pumped up correctly and easily.

Do not put more than a maximum of eight pumps into the rifle and do not store it for any length of time without putting at least three pumps into the compression tube.

Use only top quality .20 lead pellets and the rifle should give you years of service.