Q. I am planning a fun day for the village on my farm, where I have a range that is suitable for .22 rimfires. Can I allow young people to use the range provided that they have their parents’ permission and are under close supervision?


Our shooting consultant and sporting author Graham Downing replies:

A: The circumstances in which young people may lawfully use Section 1 firearms are limited. Under the age of 14 they may do so only as members of a cadet corps, at a home office-approved rifle club or in a shooting gallery. If a person is 17 years of age or over then they may borrow a rifle from the occupier of private premises and use it on those premises in the presence of the occupier or his or her servant. This is assuming that the occupier lending the rifle is over 18.

Thus you could, in principle, allow over- 17s to use your .22 rimfire in your presence on your own land, provided they comply with the conditions on your FAC.

For practical purposes, however, it might be easier for you to stick to air rifles under 12ft/lb, for which there are no age restrictions, provided, of course, that shooters are supervised by a person aged over 21.