I am seeking a particular model that I owned and used many years ago.

This was a BSA air rifle and I remember that because it was large and heavy, it was called the ‘Long Tom Giant’ model.

These air rifles were extremely accurate and powerful, and I would like to find a similar model if possible. Can you advise me how to find another ‘Long Tom’?


John Knibbs
The name ‘Long Tom’ was given to several BSA pre-War air rifles, the first being the pre-World War I Improved Model Standard air rifle.

This was in .22 calibre, was 45.3⁄4in long and weighed 7.1⁄2lb.

This model was reintroduced as the Standard Pattern Sporting Rifle after the War and was produced, with several modifications, up to 1939.

It was a popular rifle throughout the world and many are still in regular use up to the present day.

As the .22 bore size was larger than current .22 calibre air rifles, special heavyweight pellets were produced and are still available today in several brands in 5.6mm calibre.

You may find the model you are seeking advertised in specialist airgun magazines, or you could try advertising for it.

I have seen completely restored and re-finished models offered for sale before, so keep looking.

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