It fires extremely well when only one pellet is loaded but jams when the magazine is full.

Can you suggest a cause and remedy?

Air rifles


The Crosman Model 600 pistol is an excellent, fun pistol ? robust, well made and designed, and works well when used with compatible pellets.

It is considered one of the most collectable and desirable of all the Crosman pistols.

As the 10-shot magazine is of an ‘in-line’ design, it is essential that only flat or semi-flat nosed pellets are used.

If conventional pointed or dome-headed pellets are loaded into the tubular magazine, the nose of the pellet will seat in the hollow skirt of the preceding pellet, thus causing the feed arm to fail to operate.

Try RWS Hobby pellets, which have a flat head and do not interlock when used in an ?in-line? magazine.

Other flat or semi-fl at headed pellets may also work in your pistol.