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Sort ammunition by weight for better accuracy

Rifle inaccuracy is not always due to a rifle’s construction. It may be due to the ammunition. A simple way to check and rectify this is to uniform the ammunition by weight sorting. This takes little time and the benefits can often be surprising. Here’s how to do it and the kit you need.

  1. The first thing to do it to check that your ammunition is from the same lot number from the manufacturer or that the cases for reloading are all from the same manufacturer. The size and weight will differ.
  2. A small set of scales, such as the Hornady GS-1500, costs under £50 and will pay for itself in a short time.
  3. Weigh individual cases if you are reloading. Sort them into columns of similar weights and only use the odd weights for sighting-in your rifle.
  4. Repeat this whole process for factory ammunition, ie the whole cartridge is weighed. This will show up any differences to all individual components.


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  2. 2. Sort ammunition by weight for better accuracy
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