A) Purpose-built cabinets for model cars and the like are ideal for displaying a collection of cartridge cases. The individual cartridges are placed upright on their heads and can be easily removed for examination. It helps to drill a series of shallow holes into the shelf to prevent the cartridges from falling over. Alternatively, a small pellet of Blu-tack will keep each cartridge steady.

It is also easy to build your own cabinet using a picture frame as the door. The rear portion can be made from hardwood strips and plywood. An 80mm interval between shelves will accommodate most cartridges from 10-bore downwards. If the rear of the cabinet is lined with plastic mirror or some other reflective material, this will create the impression that your collection is twice its actual size. Glazed display cabinets, both freestanding and wall-mounted, are also ideal for cartridge collections.

The cardboard used for cartridges? cases is prone to fading, as the inks are not fast. The cherry-red of an Eley case will turn to an insipid pink in a matter of weeks if exposed to direct sunlight. It is also common sense to ensure that children do not have access to the cases, and a small lock should be incorporated.