Bruce Potts looks at .22LR rimfire subsonic ammunition from six different manufacturers for vermin control

Q: I’ve noticed that CCI makes some interesting new .22 rimfire ammunition. Can you tell me which would be best for rabbits in my CZ rifle?

A: CCI and other manufacturers have been developing new rimfire ammunition following renewed interest in Sporting, tactical, target, long-range and gallery-type shooting.

I have tested all the new CCI ammunition. Four stand out.

  • The Subsonic, which uses a typical 40-gr lead hollow point bullet. In my Sako Finnfire it achieved 1,070fps velocity for 
102ft/lb energy.
  • The segmented hollowpoint subsonic load is a 40-gr bullet, which — as its name suggests — segments into three parts on impact. This achieved 1,075fps average and 103ft/lb. It is designed to transfer more energy on impact and reduce the chance of ricochets.
  • The CCI Suppressor, which uses a heavier 45-gr bullet, is a lead hollowpoint and achieved 949fps and 90ft/lb. It is designed to work well in semi-automatic rimfires.
  • The CCI Quiet is a round-nosed lead 40-gr bullet, which is really designed for target shooting but has practical uses. It only achieves 753fps.

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