Lighter on the shoulder, says Charles Bull of Just Cartridges

The advantages of 24gm shotgun cartridges are often underrated and misunderstood. In addition to costing less and producing lower recoil they give you better patterns. This is due to less damage being done to the pellets during ignition and as they travel through the bores.  The upshot to this is that we also get better kills.

In shot size 7.5 the only disadvantage you have compared to a 1oz load is slightly fewer pellets and by ‘slightly less’ I mean exactly that. The reduction amounts to 14% fewer pellets but this doesn’t mean you are 14% less likely to hit the target.

In real terms, because of reduced pellet damage during firing you get fewer ‘fliers’ and this means a greater number of pellets will fly straighter thereby delivering more even patterns.

Just look at the success of the 21gm loads; they must work because shooters keep buying them!

What 24gm shotgun cartridges are on the market?

There’s an amazing range of 24gm clay loads on the market, and not just for those of us who shoot the Olympic trap and skeet disciplines.

For general clay shooting duties there is plenty of choice around with a load for all occasions. That includes fibre wad cartridges ideally suited for use on simulated game days.

Eley Hawk

Eley Select cartridges

Eley Select 24gm is a very popular cartridge, available in both fibre and plastic wads. It comes in at a very reasonable price.

24gm shotgun cartridges

24gm shotgun cartridges

RC2 and RC4

If you are a serious shooter, one of my personal favourites is the RC2 and RC4 – both entirely suitable for the Olympic disciplines.

The RC2 comes in plastic and fibre wad, the RC4 in fibre wad. Choice of 7.5, 8 and 9.5 shot sizes. They’re really smooth with excellent performance and both in my view are outstanding.



 Fiocchi also offers great quality performance shells in plastic wad only with two offerings in the shape of the Official Trap and the even higher performing Golden Trap. They’re not cheap but represent serious shells for serious shooters.

I have to say that I prefer the Official Trap not on account of the cost, but its noticeable smoothness.


Gamebore Blue Diamond shotgun cartridges


Gamebore offers comfortable shooting for prolonged periods of activity.

Available in most clay shot sizes in fibre and plastic wad.

Hull Sovereign cartridgeHull Intercomp cartridge

Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge Company also offers a great range of 24gm loads. Choice of plastic and fibre wads.

Hull Pro Fibre range


This article was originally written in 2010 and has been updated.