Shane Robinson puts some popular brands through their paces and reports back.

rimfire rifles

The CZ 455 American (top) and with thumbhole (below)


The latest model from CZ is the 455 taking over from the 452 around 3 years ago. With the new interchangeable barrel system of the CZ, the 455 will allow the user to easily alter stock configurations and calibre – for ultimate versatility, and incredible performance. The trigger is adjustable.

The CZ455 with synthetic stock

The CZ455 with synthetic stock

As with most synthetic rifles the soft touch stock is more popular although I do think it marks a lot more easily than the old style hard touch. Model configurations state that the Lux model has 22” barrel, while American / Varmint / Style and Silhouette come with either 16” or 20”.

  • A great all round rifle that’s practical and affordable with prices starting from £350.
  • All new guns come with a three year warranty.
  • Easy to maintain and obtain spares should they be needed.
  • For anyone on a budget these are my go to rifle.
  • Imported by Edgar Bros

  1. 1. Most popular makes and models
  2. 2. CZ455
  3. 3. Anschutz 1417
  4. 4. Weirauch HW66
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