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Lithgow rimfire rifle

Lithgow 101 Crossover

Somewhat of a new kid on the block to these shores. This rifle is really starting to gain traction amongst its competition. Lithgow are an Australian manufacturer from Lithgow in NSW that have been making guns since 1912 and have been supplying arms to the Australian military since Gallipoli.

Lithgow 101 Crossover

Lithgow 101 Crossover

  • Great practicality as a rifle, as it is capable of doing whatever you need. As the model name dictates, the Crossover is exactly that! Shoot a match one day and go hunting with it the next.
  • The 1in 6” twist hammer forged semi weight barrel gives good ballistics and makes it useable for every application.


  • Several stock options give you a good choice depending on your tastes, plastic or laminate.
  • Similarly to the Browning T bolt you can have scope ring mount bases screwed into the action over a 3/8 dovetail rails to give you increase ring mounting options.
  • Even the magazine is interchangeable and fits the CZ455 and vice versa. Its price bracket is from £750 but I have to say it gives all the other contenders a good run for the money.
  • As with a lot of new products to market, I found that once a customer had actually got their hands on one of these rifles a lot of their fears were squashed and they were more than happy to consider one.
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