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Rizzini RB EM 16-bore

Rizzini RB EM 16-bore

Mike’s top choice – Rizzini RB EM

I always find something really attractive about round-action guns. The first I ever fired was a Scottish-built Dickson Round Action side-by-side, and I’ve been a fan of the type ever since – either side-by-sides
or boxlocks.

I like this gun because, as well as being extremely well-made, it has a lovely, bold engraving pattern. It’s that pattern which, to me, makes it more attractive than the more expensive EL version. The gun illustrated has a silver action, which, again just to me, is more elegant than the colour-hardened
version which is available.

These good looks of the action are complimented by a pistol-grip stock with an elegant, shallow curve – a little more pronounced than a true Prince of Wales style. The fore-end, although not of my preferred Schnabel design, somehow looks just right on this gun. The fore-end release is a button right at the front, rather than the usual catch underneath, and the woodwork has been given a gloss oil finish.

In other respects, this Rizzini is a typical Italian O/U – although admittedly better made than some. The action is a trigger plate mechanism with hammers hinged at the bottom and sears at the top. Main springs are coils running on guide rods, and transfer to the second barrel is recoil driven. The bolt runs along the action floor, and locks by engaging with a bite below the bottom barrel.

The monobloc barrel set is available in 28, 30 and 32in lengths. And the weight is 71Ž4lb or thereabouts, dependant on barrel length and wood density. Twelve, 16, 20 and 28-bore versions are available. The price of the 30in, 12-bore when Sporting Gun tested a new model in 2013 was £3,895, so a really well-conditioned second-hand gun should be well within George’s budget.

Importer is ASI (Anglo Spanish Imports). Tel 01728 688555 for more information.

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