With so many different brands and models on the maket, finding a gun at the right price is tough. So, we’ve given Mike George the hard task of listing his top 20 new and used guns for under a grand

ATA Venza semi-auto

ATA Venza semi-auto

ATA Venza semi-auto synthetic

Country of origin: Turkey

Price: £440 new

This gun, low-priced as it is, will handle a 56g goose load, so it will be just right for anyone who wishes to equip themselves for coastal wildfowling without spending too much money. It also has a synthetic stock and fore-end, so there’s nothing to warp or crack if the gun gets wet and muddy – which wildfowling guns often do. The stock terminates in a 20mm recoil pad.

The gun has a 3in chamber, but it will handle shorter cartridges, so it’s suitable for pigeon or clay shooting as well as wildfowling. It has a conventional gas-fed system based on earlier, proven Beretta systems, which is claimed to work with loads down to 24 grams. In fact, ATA has been working closely with Beretta for nearly eight years.

The multichoke barrel is 28in long – generally thought of as just right for a semi-auto – with an 8mm parallel top rib. The gun comes with a set of flush-fitting multichoke tubes. Weight is 7lb 6oz, which is about right for guns in this class.

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  2. 2. Webley & Scott 1012 Sporter
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  4. 4.
  5. 5. Lanber O/U
  6. 6. Beretta Silver Pigeon
  7. 7. Beretta 682 Sporter
  8. 8. Yildiz Wildfowler Extreme
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  16. 16. Bettinsoli Diamond Line Sporter
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