Gun owners must have access to secure, lockable storage for their firearms.

Which are the best gun safes around? The law says that guns must be stored in a lockable gun cabinet that meets British standards and is fixed to a secure structure.

Do the best gun safes have to look like gun safes?

Not really. What the gun cabinet looks like is up to you. You can opt for a traditional, metal safe-type cabinet or you can choose something that will blend in with the surroundings of your home. In fact, the police prefer a gun cabinet to be tucked away somewhere discreet, rather than on obvious display. (Read shotgun storage advice from a firearms officer here.)

Your gun cabinet needs to be lockable but that doesn’t mean it needs to have a traditional key. Some use biometric technology so you can use a fingerprint to open them. (Here’s what you need to know about gun cabinet keys).

What should you spend on gun security?

Shooting Times contributor Bruce Potts advises: “Many people go for the minimum-security requirements in terms of gun safes, but if you total the cost of your rifles, scopes and sound moderators compared with the initial cost of the safe, it makes sense to spend as much on the best gun safes as possible.”

We’ve picked out a choice of the best gun safes around that will fit the bill and keep you within the law. Remember that you can put as many guns in a cabinet as it will hold securely – so if you’re new to shooting you may want to allow for your gun collection to grow.

Best gun safes

Lokaway gun safe

1. Lokaway Gun Cabinet 10-14 Extra Secure Anti-Pry Design Safe Key Lock LOK-LBA14 £365

Best for keyless operation

+ Carpeted interior

+ Internal lockable ammunition compartment

  • Weight 64kg
  • Stores 10-14 guns
  • Digital keylock
  • External measurements H 1500 x W 430 x D 360mm

This new range of outstanding value safes is lightweight but offers the same build quality and secure locking system as other safes. Featuring the advanced, anti-pry, ‘Swing’n’Slide’ locking system, the ultra-secure LB range comes with a high security lock and removable shelf compartment.


2. Ultimate Safe® Extra Wide and Deep 7 Gun Cabinet for Shotguns and Rifles With Unique Triple Blade Lock® With Internal Ammunition Box Compliant With BS7558/92 £154.99

best gun safes

Best for value

+ Extra wide and deep

+ Internal lockable ammunition compartment

  • Weight 48kg
  • BS 7558/92 approved
  • Stores up to 7 guns
  • Key operation
  • External measurements H x 145cm W x 35cm D x  30cm

Sturdy and robust, this cabinet is made from premium steel finished in a black finish and looks appropriate in any interior. A memory foam divider and base protects guns from scratching. Pre-drilled holes in rear and base and fixing bolts assist installation.


3. GDK Digital Vault Locking 3 Gun Cabinet, Shotgun Safe, 2 Scoped Rifle Cabinet £149.99

GDK Digital Vault

Best for compact spaces

+ Extra wide and deep

+ Internal lockable ammunition compartment

  • Weight 30kg
  • Stores up to 3 shotguns
  • BS7558/92 approved
  • Digital or key operation
  • External measurements H x  130cm x W 24cm x D 20cm

If you’d like to have the option of key operated or digital access then this is the gun cabinet for you. It also comes with wall mount bolts and pre-drilled holes for installation. Ideal if you only need a gun safe for one or two guns.


4. dirty pro tools™ 3 Gun Cabinet in Wood Effect Finish with Built-in Ammunition Safe Shotgun Rifle  £136.49

Dirty pro tools wooden gun cabinet

Best for blending-in

+ Wood-effect finish

+ Internal lockable ammunition compartment

  • Weight 24kg
  • BS7558/92 approved
  • Stores up to 3 shotguns
  • Key operated
  • External measurements H 145cm x W 22cm x D 20cm

If you don’t want your gun safe to shout out its presence, then this small gun cabinet would be a good and discreet option. It also has an interior lockable ammunition safe.

5. Winchester  Gun Safe, 26-Gun Capacity, TS26-45 from £397

Winchester guns safe

Best for holding large number of guns

+ Wood-effect finish

+ Internal lockable ammunition compartment

  • Weight 166 kg
  • 45 minutes firesafe
  • Stores up to 26 shotguns
  • Key or digital keypad operated
  • External measurements H 144cm x W 71cm x D 50cm

If you’ve a big collection of shotguns and/or rifles you’ll want a gun cabinet with a greater capacity. This one by Winchester is certainly substantial.


And if you’re worried about having your gun cabinet keys stolen?

6. Vecta Personal Safe – Slim Electronic Key and Valuables Wall Safe for Vehicle, Home & Office Keys, Passports, Cash, Jewellery – Motorised Locking – Large LED Screen – Secured By Design Police Approved £99

Keys are among the most commonly stolen items and you need to ensure that your gun cabinet keys don’t fall into the wrong hands. You might sleep better at night if you have a safe installed for keys, like the Vecta personal safe which fits securely to any solid wall, has police accreditation and opens with a personal 4-digit security code.

Vecta Personal Safe

Keep your gun cabinet keys secure in this Vecta personal safe

Inventor John Fearnall comments: “My keys were hanging in a kitchen cupboard for anyone to find and I had this nightmare vision of my shotguns and car in Lock Stock-style gangster scenes,” says John. “It was then that the idea of a high security, easy-to-use safe came to me.”