Is a gun cabinet in the attic legal?

A Perazzi 20-bore side by side

Longterm shotgun storage

Q: What steps should I take for longterm shotgun storage? I am about to do a tour of Afghanistan and wondered if there are any steps I should take to store my two shotguns – an O/U and a semi-auto – while I’m away?

A: It depends on whether there is going to be anyone in your house while you are away.

If your house is going to be empty, then for security reasons I would leave the guns in the hands of a reliable registered firearms dealer, but you must expect to be asked to pay a shotgun storage fee.

Another way would be to leave your guns in the hands of a trusted shooting friend, but for this to be legal they would have to be entered on his certificate.

If you are leaving your guns in your house, I would suggest giving them a thorough clean, rub the metal parts with an oily cloth, and put something to combat rust and damp in your gun cabinet. Napier VP90 is one such product.

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