It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon, grease and sludge on contact.

It has a heavy specific gravity which allows it to “season” the metal by absorption deep into the pores and results in a durable slippery surface that reduces friction.

Metal, plastic, urethane, nylon or other durable surfaces treated with it are rejuvenated, preserved and will give extended years of service.

Frog Lube will not harm the environment.

It’s food-grade components can be disposed of without the need for prohibitive HAZMAT controls.

FrogLube is applied to the firearm using traditional weapons cleaning tools.

The product cleans surface fouling and dissolves carbon on contact. It absorbs into the material it is applied to.

It forms a strong bond with metal and polymers and lubricates and protects against corrosion and oxidation.

It smoothes surface imperfections and eliminates galling between metal-to-metal contact areas.

What results should you expect? FrogLube will eliminate the baked on fouling produced by hydrocarbon-based products.

Fouling will simply wipe off with a towel. It will prevent jams and malfunctions due to fouling.

Packs available from £1.50 – £210