A Shooting Times reader asked for some advice for touching up a synthetic stock.

A reader asked: How do you touch up a synthetic stock? Mine is really scratched.

Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker, Bruce Potts, had this advice for airgun maintenance: Synthetic stocks can be practical against knocks and scratches and keeping a rifle’s zero from shifting as, unlike wooden stocks, they don’t warp in bad climates. However, the finishes on some makes can be very rough, even from new, and damage in the field occurs easily.

Synthetic stocks come in all sizes, shapes and finishes. Those that have a crinkled, speckled or raised texture are difficult to refinish unless you use some Araldite to patch them, then when hard you stipple with a Dremel tool or a blunt nail and then repaint.

Those with a smooth finish that nevertheless still have a rough, unsanded laminated structure can benefit from a light rub with 0000-gauge steel wool. If the stock is really rough and you like a smooth  finish, add good old-fashioned Brasso or J-B bore paste as a mild abrasive. This method can also remove shallow scratches and scrapes.