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Shotgun certificates – 10 frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get my shotgun certificate? What are my chances of getting one? Do I have to carry it with me when shooting? Here are our expert's answers to some common questions ...

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1. How long will it take me to get my shotgun certificate through?


This is probably the question we’re most frequently asked. A lot depends on where you live – read on for the full story … 


shotgun certificate

2. How can I apply for my shotgun certificate? 

A basic question, but one we’re often asked by those new to shooting. Here’s how to go about it

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3. How to lose your shotgun certificate

Definitely not you want to happen. So here’s how to avoid it. 

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4. What are my chances of getting a shotgun certificate? 

Wondering if you’re going to fit the bill? Read on …


5. Do I have to buy a gun straight after getting my shotgun certificate? 

Looking for something special but wondering if you’re limited on time?

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6. Is there a deadline for getting a new shotgun certificate after I receive my renewal reminder?

Do you need to crack on with it?

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7. What happens to your shotgun certificate if you admit to health problems? 

It’s always best to be honest. But how will this affect your shotgun certificate status?


gun cartridges8.  Do I have to carry my shotgun certificate with me when I’m out shooting?

What’s the law on this?

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9. Do I need lessons before I apply for my shotgun certificate? 

How soon as a new shooter can you apply?

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10. How do we list guns as shared on shotgun licences?

Share a gun with a spouse? Child? Parent? What’s the law on this regarding your shotgun licence?


Do you have more questions on the law on shotguns? We’ve answers to many more common shotgun queries here.