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springer puppy

Drones suspected in springer puppy snatch

An Irish gundog enthusiast who has 
been the victim of a horrific crime has 
spoken exclusively about the experience 
to Shooting Times. Rachel Doyle, 
from Enniscorthy in County Wexford, 
found that her springer spaniel bitch, 
Daisy, had been snatched from a 
locked kennel along with her litter of 
seven-week-old pups.…

joining a picking-up team

RSPB announces first results of gamebird shooting review

Last year the RSPB announced that it was reviewing its policy on gamebird shooting and would be investigating moorland management for driven grouse shooting and non-native gamebird release. As part of the process it consulted with members, volunteers, staff and stakeholders. The charity has now published its first-stage findings, which…

shooters going to peg

BASC announces a £1m plus ‘Fighting Fund’ to protect shooting

In response to recent challenges by the likes of Wild Justice, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has announced that it has launched a seven figure fund to enable the body to launch effective legal defences that threaten the shooting community’s future. BASC chairman Eoghan Cameron spoke to…

Humber Estuary

Wildfowlers face worrying future

Wildfowlers in two of the sport’s most important heartlands may be unable to shoot because long-standing ‘consents’, which allow sustainable wildfowling on European protected sites, have not been renewed by Natural England. One of the refused consents covers areas of the Humber Estuary and the other covers part of Morecambe…

Wild boar tusks

Huge Scottish wild boar shot after Highlands sheep rampage

A large wild boar, estimated to weigh 24 stone (150kg), has been shot dead after being considered responsible for a spate of sheep killing on a Highland farm. Twitter account user @highlandfowler wrote on 17 June:  “A keeper friend of mine was called to help find out what was killing…

setting up a mink raft

Volunteers needed to monitor mink rafts in Scotland

A major Scottish project to remove American mink is looking for volunteers to help run mink rafts. Ben Seaman, with the Cromarty Firth Fishery Trust, said: “We monitor for mink presence using a network of mink rafts which are looked after by volunteers….we have gaps in the network we’d like…

Wild Justice logo

Judicial review on gamebird release granted to Wild Justice

Wild Justice has successfully applied for a judicial review on the impact of releasing gamebirds on sites of nature conservation. If the review is successful it could have major implications for the 2021 pheasant and partridge shooting season. The animal rights activist explained its reasoning for pushing for the review…

mountain hare

Mountain hare shooting banned in Scotland

Mountain hares in Scotland will have year-round legal protection following an amendment to the law proposed by Green MSP Alison Johnstone, which passed by 60 to 19 votes. At present mountain hares are controlled between 1 August-28 February to protect trees, fragile habitats and to manage tick populations. The mountain…

crow shooting

General licence extension by DEFRA

General licence holders needing to control wild birds will be relieved to learn that DEFRA has reissued the current permits from 1 August to 31 December 2020. The department has confirmed that no action is required by the licence users beyond the ‘ongoing requirement to act in accordance with the licence…

Biodegradable cartridges

Two new eco-friendly cartridges launch in the UK

Environmentally-minded shooters and wildfowlers will welcome the arrival of BioAmmo cartridges in the UK, available in lead and steel in both clay and game loads. “They are unique” says importer Nick Levett-Scrivener of Shooting Star, speaking to Shooting UK. “There has been nothing like them in the UK before.” Fully…

working cocker spaniel

Gundog thefts soaring as prices rise

Gundog owners are being warned to be particularly careful following a dramatic increase in gundog thefts, with spaniels seeming to be a particular target. Keeper Jon Gaunt had three springer spaniels stolen from his East Sussex home in early May. Despite an extensive publicity campaign and “brilliant” support from his…

choosing a gundog puppy

COVID-19 making gundog puppies pricier and harder to come by

Gundog puppies from traditional breeds such as spaniels and Labradors are becoming more expensive and harder to find due to raised demand following lockdown. Shooting Times contributor and gundog breeder Jeremy Hunt of Fenway Labradors remarked: “The demand for Labrador puppies, and not just working ones, has gone crazy. The…

Scottish stalking

What will the Scottish stalking season be like this year?

Usually at this time of year everyone involved in deer stalking in Scotland – ghillies, agents and guides – would be gearing up for the season ahead. However, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, recreational stalking and sporting tourism have been hit hard. Scottish National Heritage (SNH) has ruled: “… Unaccompanied…

GWCT wetlands project

GWCT calls for vital funds to continue essential work

A letter to members of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) from chief executive Teresa Dent CBE, has illustrated the extent of financial support urgently needed by the Trust. In spring the charity was forced to cancel its fund raising events and lost its paid work due to the…