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A recipe for damson vodka

While we are fans and we’ve written sloe gin recipes before, we’re also partial to damson vodka from time to time. It’s a delicious, rich and sweet drink and if you make some in early September when damsons are ripe, it will be ready in time for Christmas. We’re sure…

Sir Ian Botham

RSPB is like a “giant squid” says Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham has set his sights on the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds (RSPB), questioning why the charity needs a grand total of 34 press officers and 685 fundraisers. By comparison the British Red Cross has just 19 press officers and Macmillan Cancer Support 11. The former…

Tweed shop in Scotland

Poor grouse season affects local businesses and employment

Stocks of grouse are so low that several estates have had to postpone or even cancel shooting. A long, hard winter followed by weeks of hot sunshine and little rain has had a critical effect on bird breeding rates. Areas particularly badly affected include Perthshire, the Highlands and the Borders.…

people shooting in countryside

Could you be the new News Editor of Shooting Times?

For over a century Shooting Times has been essential reading for Britain’s fieldsports community. As part of a weekly publication, news has always been an integral part of Shooting Times’ brand and as News Editor you will have the important role of writing news pages, writing investigative features, contributing to…

new look Sporting Gun

Take a look inside the new-look Sporting Gun, on sale now

Britain’s number one shooting magazine has had a massive makeover.  With a bright and modern new look, we have new articles that will help you get more from your sport, plus a whole section devoted to instruction, which will help you improve your shooting whether on the clayground or in…

Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson

Government told of shooting’s unique benefits to health

With potential rises in licence costs, GP fees and long waiting times for certificate renewals, shooters could be forgiven for thinking that their sport attracts little support 
from the Government. However, good news could be on the horizon, as a result of the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport select committee…

gamekeepers in pink mankinis

Keepers in pink mankinis? Really?

Highland walkers enjoying a hike up Mount Keen must have thought they were hallucinating when they spotted a group of burly men standing at the top wearing pink Borat-style mankinis. It was in fact no vision, but the reality of a group of gamekeepers, who raised a solid £2,000 for…

The Shooting UK Forum is changing

We’re really sorry to be the bearer of bad news regarding the ShootingUK Forum. The Forum has for many years been a source of pride to the ShootingUK team – it is a warm, helpful community where advice is freely given and many friendships have been made, not just via…

airgun on ground

BASC and RSPCA align on airguns

Improved enforcement of airgun laws is required to tackle increasing misuse, say BASC and the RSPCA, which plan to set up 
a working group to tackle the issue. Solving airgun crime The consensus comes after the two organisations hosted a joint conference dedicated to solving the issue of airgun crime.…

GP fees and charges

Shooters stand ground over ongoing GP fees dispute

The Countryside Alliance (CA) has given Nick Hurd MP, the Home Office minister responsible for firearms licensing, five conditions 
that it believes must be met before any change is made 
to the currently agreed system. Highlighting failings in the current process, the CA says the shooting community should not be…

Game Fair ticket offers

The Game Fair ticket offers for our readers

To celebrate the 60th anniversary year of the Game Fair, we are offering our readers a special discount on advance tickets to The Game Fair. For it’s Diamond Anniversary The Game Fair is being held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire from  27-29 July. Game Fair ticket offers Shooting Times, Shooting…

Northern Shooting Show

What’s on at the 2018 Northern Shooting Show?

In just three years, the Northern Shooting Show has secured its place as one of the not to be missed events in the fieldsports calendar. And it is getting bigger. The organisers have added an extra hall — increasing the size of the show by a third, with more exhibitors…

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP

Electronic collars – Michael Gove recognises benefits

During environment questions at the House of Commons yesterday, Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP advised MPs that he recognises the benefits of electronic collars used in boundary fence systems, as a consultation proposing a total ban on the use of these devices comes to a close today.  Play a valuable…

Braced up pheasants

How you can reward your favourite British game champions

Do you have a favourite restaurant, farmers market, pub, butcher or supermarket selling game? If so, you need to nominate them in the Eat Game Awards by 15th June 2018 to give them the recognition they deserve. The Eat Game Awards 2018 was set up to discover the champions of…

antibiotic use in game birds

Stark choice for game industry on antibiotics

A coalition of shooting and veterinary groups has urged the game sector to make further cuts to antibiotic use in game birds. A joint statement has been released by the British Veterinary Association, BASC, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Countryside Alliance, the British Veterinary Poultry Association, the Game…

deerstalking male deer

New gun laws could have ‘unintended consequences’

The Countryside Alliance (CA) and BASC have both warned of “unintended consequences” 
for shooters stemming from the Government’s proposed new Offensive Weapons Bill. Announced by the Home Office earlier this month, the Bill forms part of the Government’s Serious Violence Strategy and had yet to be published at the time…

Queen with gamekeepers

Queen makes donation in support of gamekeepers

HM The Queen has 
shown her support for the fieldsports community by making a donation to the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust. The gift to the charity was revealed following the Trust’s annual general meeting last month, though the donated sum remains undisclosed. Founded in 1992, the Trust was set up to…

burning heather

Is heather burning doomed?

About a year ago I wrote about looming problems with heather burning, saying that it would become a thing of the past on large areas of the northern uplands. It would appear that my worst fears are to be realised. There is not a ban on burning everywhere, but it…

woodcock need a reprieve

Woodcock need a reprieve during cold, say experts

Shooters across Europe have been advised to reduce the number of woodcock they shoot during cold weather. New research suggests that for 
every four consecutive days 
of frozen conditions, the birds need a week to recover — and shooting should be balanced 
to allow the birds to do so. The…