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People from all walks of life gather shooting

PhD on driven shooting Chris Packham tried to stop is now published

A research paper “Understanding the social impact of participation in driven game shooting in the UK” has given an evidence-based picture of shooting which indicates that shooting creates strong social networks, offers support and reduces loneliness, provides regular exercise and positively impacts mental health. Impartial The author, Dr Tracey Latham-Green,…

shooting in January

Shooting exempt from latest COVID-19 restrictions

Fieldsports fans will be relieved to learn that shooting has been included on a list of sports that are exempt from the latest COVID-19 restrictions in England. The ‘rule of six’ restrictions brought in today (14 September) in England could have disrupted gameshooting which usually includes eight or more people. However,…

moving from lead shot

EU votes to restrict lead shot from 2023

The proposed EU REACH committee restrictions against lead shot voted through on 3 September will be ratified by early 2021 and become law in 2023 in EU member states. The UK government may decide then to adopt the regulation depending on how it decides to legislate for REACH related laws.…

pan seared venison loin

Venison market to get new boost

The domestic venison market has suffered a decline in recent months due to mass closure of restaurants and hospitality venues as well as the market being well supplied with European carcasses. However this crisis situation is now being addressed by a new body – the Wild Venison Working Group –…

boy climbing tree

New Natural History GCSE to help young understand natural world

Cambridge Assessment has confirmed that its UK exam board OCR is developing a new GCSE in Natural History, following a consultation open to all parties. The idea was proposed by conservationist Mary Colwell, who wants “to make nature part of British society again”. She was concerned that young people were…

Scotland's grouse moors

LACS report slammed by shooting groups

The publication of Calculating Cruelty by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has been blasted by shooting groups, who criticise it for inaccuracy, misreporting and unsound science. The report was timed to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season. LACS claims that an “independent surveyor” was appointed to…

moorland grouse

What’s happening to the price of grouse this year?

Last week Shooting Times reported that prospects for the grouse season were mixed, with Perthshire estates expecting a good year but a poor season predicted for the North York Moors. A wet winter, followed by a dry spring with a return of rain in the summer, has created conditions for…


The virtual country show you need to visit

Fieldsports shows may have been postponed for now but the International Virtual Hound Show  (iVHS) has caught our eye, which runs until 4th September. It offers the stalls and shopping, hound shows, online auctions and charity bids you’d expect to see at a game fair. We all know that fieldsports…

European roe deer

Demand for venison is crashing

planting targets and good woodland management is being put at risk as the demand for venison crashes. Game dealers in the south and east of England have begun to refuse to take venison because their cold stores are full and they are unable to find buyers for the meat. The…

Grey partridges

GWCT launches fact checking website to counter misreporting

In a move to address the frequent misreporting of science relating to land management and shooting in the national press, radio and media, the GWCT has launched a fact checking website: “What the Science Says”. “We want to correct bad information in the media, highlighting where claims have no basis…

gamekeeper with dogs

New underkeeper apprenticeship launched

A new apprenticeship scheme for underkeepers has been given the green light. Unveiling details of the scheme, Adrian Blackmore, director of shooting for the Countryside Alliance, said: “We seized the opportunity in 2016 to support estates in developing a gamekeeper standard, when it was announced that the existing courses would…

hare coursing

Just what is happening with hare coursing season?

The Lincolnshire police force is reporting that it is making excellent progress in deterring hare coursers, reporting a decline in crimes and states: “There were 1048 incidents of hare coursing reported to us across the county between September 2019 and March 2020. For the same period during 2018 to 2019…

springer puppy

Drones suspected in springer puppy snatch

An Irish gundog enthusiast who has 
been the victim of a horrific crime has 
spoken exclusively about the experience 
to Shooting Times. Rachel Doyle, 
from Enniscorthy in County Wexford, 
found that her springer spaniel bitch, 
Daisy, had been snatched from a 
locked kennel along with her litter of 
seven-week-old pups.…

joining a picking-up team

RSPB announces first results of gamebird shooting review

Last year the RSPB announced that it was reviewing its policy on gamebird shooting and would be investigating moorland management for driven grouse shooting and non-native gamebird release. As part of the process it consulted with members, volunteers, staff and stakeholders. The charity has now published its first-stage findings, which…