The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has today (16 December) confirmed a case of avian influenza (bird flu) on a poultry farm near Louth in Lincolnshire


As a result of the outbreak, a 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone have been set up around the poultry farm where the bird flu infection (the strain found is H5N8) has been identified. Turkeys on the poultry farm will be culled.

A spokesman for the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation said: “It is important that the shooting community remains vigilant. Information on how to spot bird flu symptoms can be found on the Defra website. Shooting is not restricted in either of the zones, but be aware that the measures now in force prevent all movement of poultry, and gamebirds (alive or dead) within or from the 3km zone. Shot birds and game meat however can currently be moved within and from the 10km zone. We would urge all shooting interests in the vicinity of the infected farm to give due consideration to their plans at this time.”

A number of restrictions and movement controls have been put in place in the 3km and 10km zones to help prevent spread of the disease. A summary can be found by clicking here


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