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Daystate has a talent for making great guns even better with a few subtle tweaks, and Mat Manning reckons the Revere Safari, the latest revamp of the celebrated Huntsman, is another winner.

While Mat enjoys using innovative items of shooting equipment, he decided to strip down his kit and replace modern tech with fieldcraft so he could spend an evening stalking rabbits around one of his farmyard permissions.

Mat also gives his long-term verdict on the Primos Trigger Stick, an ingenious telescoping, three-legged rifle support that he’s been using for the past few years.

It’s all too easy to let yourself be seduced by some of the rifles on sale today, but what works for one shooter doesn’t make it right for the next, and what looks good on paper may not translate to successful shooting, so Mike Morton offer 20 questions that would-be buyers should be asking themselves before they pull the trigger on a new purchase.

Mike also examines Sure Shot Airguns’ first scope, the SFP 2.5-15×32 SFIR, a compact optic with an extensive list of features and accessories, and puts a perennial pellet, the Rangemaster Sovereign, through its paces in some very challenging conditions.

Plenty of rats run foul of Richard Saunders as he targets a free-range chicken farm. The rodents had been bedding down in the birds’ poop, but end up with nowhere to run to when the area gets a welcome deep clean.

Like Mat, Richard also enjoys using high-tech gear, but in this issue he focuses on a shooting system that’s been in use for almost 200 years – the bolt-action – and looks at four air rifles that have remained true to tradition.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your questions about how to up the power on an underperforming vintage pistol and how you can improve your accuracy when you aim small, miss small.