In the report, entitled With Extreme Prejudice: The Culling of British Wildlife, the organisation deplores the culling of 22 different non-native species in Britain. It states: Grey squirrels are scapegoated for the mistakes of people and there is no evidence to suggest that they drive red squirrels from their homes.

The author of the report, Kate Fowler Reeves, summarises her findings by concluding: “As times change, perhaps the grey will come back into fashion but, in the meantime, doesn’t discriminating against an animal on the grounds of his colour leave a bad taste in the mouth?”

Carri Nicholson of Save Our Squirrels was shocked by the report’s claims. She commented: “These are animals — not people! Anthropomorphism does not add anything to the debate on the value or necessity of killing an invasive non-native species that causes immense damage to the countryside in both economic and biodiversity terms.”

The rest of this article appears in 7 February issue of Shooting Times.

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