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App lets users log deer road deaths

Deer Collisions, a project that monitors and researches road traffic accidents involving deer, has launched a free smartphone app that allows users to log deer road casualty locations.

The “OhDeer!” app will help to map deer casualties throughout Britain and will allow users to view data submitted by other users. The number of road accidents involving deer is estimated to be more than 42,000 a year in Britain, but most are not recorded.

Information logged via the app will assist research on the number and location of accident hotspots.

The app is expected to be of particular use to those attending deer at the roadside for despatch, because it will allow an accurate GPS location. Once the GPS information is obtained, it does not matter whether there is phone network access because the information is stored in the phone and can be uploaded to the project website when the user is back in network range.

The rest of this article appears in the 15th May issue of Shooting Times.

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