John Langan of Stokesley, Cleveland, was arrested in March 2010 in Bridlington and was charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs.

Humberside Police applied for an ASBO due to the high number of incidents involving Mr Langan in recent years.

Sergeant Liz Staff, North Lincolnshire Police?s wildlife officer, said: ?John Langan was a regular visitor to this area and East Yorkshire. This goes to show what can be achieved by pooling information and resources. Coursing is a massive problem for the force.?

?We know gangs of criminals travel into our area. It is a myth that they are killing animals for the table; they are doing it for the sport. Large sums of money often change hands from betting on the dogs.?

Police say that Mr Langan?s activities have caused ?alarm and distress? to people living in areas of Lincolnshire since 2005.

The ASBO, which came into effect on 27 July and stands for three years, has a number of conditions.

Police say that if Mr Langan breaches them he faces a large fine or a prison sentence.

Sergeant Staff said: ?What is also a great cause for concern is the damage these criminals cause to fences and crops, the threats and intimidation aimed at farmers and gamekeepers and that they are often on the look out to see what there is to steal.?

?We would like to send out the message that in the Humberside area we will not tolerate these people. Mr Langan is no longer welcome here and any sightings of him should be reported to the police immediately.?

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