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BASC call to lobby MPs before firearms debate

BASC is encouraging its members and all those from the wider fieldsports community to write to their MPs before the forthcoming firearms debate to call for a measured response to the Cumbria murders. David Cameron has promised a debate on gun licensing in the Commons before the summer recess on 29 July. To make shooters’ lobbying more effective it has launched a campaigning website which allows people to look up their local MP and find out whether they are supportive or opposed to shooting. In addition it has composed a template email, which shooters can use as a guide in constructing their correspondence with MPs. The email explains the value of shooting to the countryside and to the economy and asks them to consider the damage that knee-jerk legislation would do to the lawful and responsible shooting community. It also offers MPs a chance to find out more about the sport in their constituency.

BASC spokesman Simon Clarke said: “While our thoughts are very much with the people of Cumbria as they cope with the aftermath of this appalling tragedy, inevitably media and public attention has been drawn to the UK’s firearms licensing laws. Those who are opposed to the lawful use of guns have not been slow in putting their views across and shooting must make sure that its voice is heard. We urge everyone who is involved in shooting to visit the BASC website ( or and to take a few short minutes to send a message to their local elected representative.

The rest of this article appears in 23rd June issue of Shooting Times.

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