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BASC Scotland lobbying

BASC Scotland has launched a campaigning website that allows shooters to find out their Parliamentary candidate?s views on shooting issues before May?s elections for the Scottish Parliament.

The website also allows shooters to send a personalised automated email to candidates, who are then able to respond. BASC Scotland?s press and policy officer, Nicolle Hamilton, said that she hoped shooters would use the opportunity to stress the important role their sport plays in the countryside and to comment on other shooting-related issues, such as the devolution of airgun legislation and taildocking for working dogs.

?This is a novel but effective means of ensuring that all candidates are aware of the shooting interests of their potential voters,? she said. ?We urge everyone who is involved in shooting to take a few minutes to send a message to their constituency candidates. It is also vitally important that they then send any responses back to us.