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BBC Countryfile reporter receives death threats

Television presenter Adam Henson says he received death threats from animal rights extremists following his recent report on the proposed badger cull for the BBC?s Countryfile.

Speaking at a National Farmers? Union conference in Cornwall, the Gloucestershire farmer said: ?There are some nasty extremists about. I have had some serious hate letters from them.?

Mr Henson said, “BBC guidelines are very strict, so you will never hear me saying we should be culling badgers. My hands are completely tied on the issue.”

“This is a hugely emotive subject and there are extremists on both sides of the argument. Badgers are fantastic animals to watch and there should be middle ground between farming and conservationists on tackling the TB problem.”

The League Against Cruel Sports has joined the Badger Trust in distancing itself from such direct action.

A spokesman said: “Criminal acts have no place in our campaign against the cull.”