This limited edition model features new technical and aesthetic features to commemorate a legendary shotgun.

Technical features include: the new “Steelium Pro” barrel, which guarantees a lower felt recoil and enhanced control while shooting; new shape side panels and restyled top rib and use of the new Optima Choke HP tubes.

Other features include: refined engravings on the receiver, top lever, safety catch and trigger guard; enhanced surface finish on the engraved parts; gold inlaid engraving on the back of the receiver and limited edition serial number; ‘Steelium Pro’ logo on the barrels and a new gun case design.

Production is limited to just 200 guns, worldwide.

The UK will receive an extremely limited allocation of the sporting version with 30’’ and 32’’ barrels with Optima Chokes. The 30’’ version is now in stock and the 32’’ version will be available early June. RRP is £7,455.