The new gun is developed from its DT10 Trident Sporting over-under and boasts a whole new range of features.

New Steelium Pro barrels reduce perceived muzzle rise, increase shooting stability and improve shot patterns, resulting in greater target breakage.

The reduced muzzle rise is also said to enable faster second target acquisition, while the Optimachoke HP tubes have a new internal profile, formed to enhance shot concentration and distribution.

The radical new look of the gun, with an elegant receiver, is embellished by matte sidewalls and mirror polished ribbon borders.

The blue Beretta logos stand out on the receiver and enhance the overall appearance.

The DT11 is available in a Sport version (either 30-inch or 32-inch barrels) RRP £6,765, or Trap version (either 30 or 32-inch barrels) RRP £6,565.

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