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Beretta release A300 Outlander in synthetic finish

Beretta A300 Outlander semi-auto.
The A300 Outlander has been manufactured with a reduced number of components (five main assembly groups), which can be stripped for easy disassembly and cleaning.

The new semi-auto combines the reliable Beretta bolt with falling block (locked breech), and has an advanced gas valve to cycle everthing from 24gram to 57gram loads.

The gun also has a self-cleaning cylinder and piston – in the shooting cycle excess pressure, caused by the most powerful cartridges, is decreased automatically.

The stock provides superior comfort and a secure grip to ensure the highest performance during firing.

The receiver has been completely and precisely machined from a solid block of special light alloy aluminium, with moveable parts made from steel and high quality light alloys.

All metal parts are manufactured with special finishes, which protect against, wear, tear and rusting.

The receiver has been coated with a stylish matt-black finish.

The trigger guard is made of heavy-duty polymer, with a new semi-square shape-making finger positioning easier.

The trigger is chrome-plated for ultimate rust protection.

The safety button is also newly designed, offering a wider surface for easy operation (and can be reversed for left handed shooters).

In alloy steel, made with the exclusive cold hammering process, the Mobilchoke® barrel is exceptionally robust and proofed for superior steel (Fleur De Lys) and lightweight at the same time.

The new A300 Outlander is available in 12-bore multichoke (supplied with one choke) field version (3? chamber) with either 26?, 28? or 30? barrels, with an SRP of £950 for either the wood or synthetic model.