The arrangement with the deer park will provide candidates – whose culls must be made in front of a DMQ approved witness – with access to their cull of fallow does and sika hinds, and occasional access to skia, fallow and red prickets on weekdays between October and February each year.

Dave Goffin, training manager at the British Deer Society, commented: “This is a unique opportunity for DSC2 candidates to achieve their evidence in a short period of time and at a sensible cost. Candidates should be aware, however, that the scheme guarantees only that deer will be seen; the rest of the evidence gathering will be entirely down to a candidate’s knowledge, skill and ability.”

The two day package is priced a £492 and includes a briefing on DCS2 requirements and a zeroing and marksmanship session.

More information on the offer from the British Deer Society

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