Manufactured longer (1.75 past the muzzle) than your normal aftermarket choke tubes, Pure Gold chokes generally shoot one choke tighter than the competition.

This is because they have a longer forcing cone with a flatter taper angle.

This helps reduce the pellet deformation, which causes ?flyers?.

So generally speaking, if you like to shoot an IC, you can back up 1 choke size with the Pure Gold and see better performance.

Champion clay shooter Becky Bream said Pure Gold Chokes have given her the confidence to win: ?They have superior pattern density and quality. Since I started to use them my shooting has gone from strength to strength.?

Bill Davis, President of Pure Gold Chokes said: “Pure Gold Chokes are made to the highest quality standards in the industry, from American-made 17-4 Stainless Steel to insure optimum performance and endurance.?

The patterns achieved from these ported chokes are very dense. Even when compared to other chokes, they are said to shoot ?one choke tighter? than the competition.

This is because we get more pellets into the pattern, with less holes in it.

This results in more pellets hitting the target, which produces more ?smoked? targets, instead of just breaking them.”

Available through all good gun shops, the range includes chokes for Zoli, Remington, Kreighoff, Browning, Perazzi, Beretta and Caesar Guerini in 12g, 20g and selected 28g.

They are also available in ¾? extended, non-ported chokes, called the Ultra Series.

SRP: £74