The continued use of lead shot in game and clay shooting is strongly argued for in a new booklet produced by the Countryside Alliance (CA).

It was written by the CA’s campaign manager David Taylor, who told Shooting Times: “Over recent years there has been a significant amount of scaremongering about lead ammunition. The Case for Lead is intended to dispel the myths put forward by the anti-lead lobby and to give this important issue a perspective from those who actually shoot.”

He added: “This document is aimed at anyone who does not possess detailed technical knowledge of the subject and makes it perfectly clear that there are currently no grounds for change in the ammunition we use.”

The booklet looks at all the different aspects of lead shot in a reasoned fashion, from the basics, such as what lead is, to the more complex issues of what the implications of a ban might be, the cost of alternatives and exposure to lead.

Drawing on data from the European Food Safety Agency, Mr Taylor explains that every foodstuff contains lead and that its consumption is unavoidable.

But he says it is not game that makes the largest contribution to lead in the diet — the foodstuffs with the highest lead contribution to the average European diet are beer, bread, tea, water and potatoes.

In a chapter on alternatives, The Case for Lead explains that alternatives to lead shot are commonly named “non-toxic” but they frequently have a greater toxicity than lead.

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