London firearms dealer Mike Wells will appear in court for a second time later this year, after the police alleged that he unlawfully supplied pistols which were not properly restricted to two shots.

Mr Wells, general secretary of the Sportsman?s Association of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, was acquitted last year in a test prosecution for offences relating to the transfer of a modified Buckmark rifle. As a result of the verdict, the Association of Chief Police Officers issued revised guidance to police firearms licensing managers.

But it has now been revealed that a further test prosecution is being brought by the same Metropolitan Police licensing department. In the current prosecution, it is alleged that Mr Wells unlawfully supplied pistols to three firearms certificate holders by failing to properly restrict the pistols to two shots.

Pistols are now generally classified as prohibited firearms, though in exceptional circumstances a firearms certificate holder may be granted authority by the police to possess a pistol for the purpose of humane despatch of injured and sick animals. Such authority will normally be subject to a requirement that the pistol is restricted to two or three shots only.

The rest of this article appears in 15th June issue of Shooting Times.

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