Deer stalking costs.
Estates which provide both a stalker and a gillie charge on average £503 per day and those which provide only a stalker charge £377.

The research, which has so far generated results from 62 estates, was intended to establish what is currently being charged for stag and hind stalking.

The charge per Rifle per day for hind stalking ranges from £50 to £360, with an average of £187.

Estates which provide a gillie and a stalker charge an average of £207 and those which only provide a stalker charge £180.

Other information provided by the survey included the method for carcass extraction.

The majority of the estates surveyed recover stag carcases by ATV and more recover carcases by quad bike (11%) than pony (6%).

The start of the season varied from one estate to another. Stag stalking starts in August for 38% of the estates, with 36% starting in September.

Only 19% start in July and 7% do not go out until October.

Most estates start their hinds between 21 October and early November. Most (44%) finish hinds in February, 33% finish in December and 23% in January. Some 61% of respondents do not provide accommodation and 63% of the estates surveyed did not reimburse clients for an unsuccessful day.

The deadline for returns on the survey has been extended in the hope of generating a further 40 responses.